UI Design, PHP, CodeIgniter, Doctrine ORM

NYC MTA Bus Tracking

Summer 2012 (3 months)

FleetView keeps tabs on NYC buses. The web app tracks their location, who’s driving them on which routes, their scheduled return and maintenance status. It is an internal dashboard, an attendence sheet, and an indispensible tool for the MTA.

I built it during a 2012 summer internship with the MTA’s Department of Buses. I worked with the team behind BusTime, building software atop their APIs. For FleetView I visited bus depots around the city, interviewed personell, studied their operations, and ultimately came up with a design that answered three questions: “Where is this bus? What is it doing? Is there anything show-stopping we need to know?”

FleetView was an immediate success. MTA staff throughout the Department of Buses flocked to the tool, greatly surpassing the intended depot user-base. A developer was hired after me to work on FleetView full-time and improve it to meet the demanded scale. Years later it remains a critical tool for the New York City bus system.